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Rebel Salute 2019

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Monday, 17 December 2018

Rebel Salute 2019

About Rebel Salute

Every January, thousands of reggae music lovers make the pilgrimage to Rebel Salute for a world-class event that delivers a spectacular experience of authentic roots reggae, wholesome culture and healthy living.
For over two decades, Rebel Salute has brought the richest traditions of reggae music to one of the largest and most discerning audiences of any music festival in the Caribbean.
Reggae artiste Tony Rebel pioneered and has preserved a unique family-friendly event that promotes the most positive aspects of reggae music, and by extension the best of Jamaican culture.
Set in a vast venue that overlooks the Caribbean Sea, the festival offers “Saluters” a range of locally and internationally acclaimed artistes who perform from dusk ‘til dawn, food vendors who only serve healthy “ital” cuisine, and an arts village with an array of indigenous jewelry, clothing and craft items on sale.
Rebel Salute has maintained a strict no-meat, no-alcohol policy that has set the event apart from all others, since its inception.
In 2016, Rebel Salute introduced its newest innovation – the “Herb Curb”.  The enclosed adults-only area features exhibits, herb practitioners, educators, speakers and medical professionals who explore everything from the sacramental to the medicinal marvels of marijuana. The Herb Curb also features a smoking lounge by the seaside.
The festival also offers a campsite, conveniently located on a grassy area adjacent to the festival grounds, only steps away from a beautiful beach washed by the Caribbean Sea.
Hailed today as a spiritual renaissance, Rebel Salute has become the bedrock for the exposure and celebration of Jamaican roots music, and the festival of choice for the reggae connoisseur.
Our 25th Anniversary promises to be exciting and we look forward to seeing you at the Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, Priory St. Ann on January 12 and 13 2018 for “The People’s Show”. 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Jua of Japan Innana

The name Jua in Swahili means "The Sun" and upcoming spiritual songstress Jua is definitely a spiritual artist from Northern Japan whose career is shining as bright as the sun. 

Jua is based in Montreal and she fuzes reggae with her Japanese culture her quest is to musically bring unity among women to create a brighter futre for our children. Jua has performed at Dub School in Montreal, has traveled through Jamaica and recently performed on Ganja Fest in Toronto this 2018.

The Gerdine Graham Foundation

Jamaica's I Octane Ready To Set Off On His Love & Life European Tour

Italy's Gege Vibes Presents I Octane's Love & Life European tour the journey embarks on the 14th of December in Sweden taking Octane's tour all the way to Germany so from the 14th of December to the 29th of December Europe will enjoy a taste of "So Mi Know Mi Lose A Friend" I Octane yuh done know some reggae flavor for the continent of Europe.

Big up to Gege Vibes on the movement.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Island Beats Inside The iHeart Radio Jingle Ball North 2018

Island Beats was over joyed this 2018 to attend the second annual iHeart Radio Jingle Ball in Toronto inside the Scotia Bank Arena.

A great way to set off the month of Christmas holidays.

The moment we stepped into the arena it was just an atmosphere of the on set of celebrating the holidays the Canadian way.

After Island Beats was escorted to their seats it was an amazing two hours of Canadian talent one after the other.

The host with the most Tyrone Edwards from BET Canada kept the crowd  entertained between the performances and did a great job at getting the audience amped just in time to greet Elijah Woods and Jamie Fine on the stage who did a wonderful performance of their breaking hit 'It Ain't Easy" and "Better Off."

The heat that Loud Luxury left on the stage caused many to remove their jackets and double check that we were still in the month of December due to the fire that ignited the stage with their performances.

England's Dua Lipa dressed in red had standing ovations after each song she performed with her amazing back up dancers she showed Toronto what England can do musically. The Albanian born pop singer really took a hold of the crowd inside the arena. When Dua performed her track Electricity her energy electrified the crowd a great addition to the Jingle Ball's line up.
Brampton Ontario's very own Alessia Cara did an outstanding performance at the Jingle Ball as well. With her live performance of "Scars To Your Beautiful" was just as the song says BEAUTIFUL. The impact of the song was even more powerful with the song's video playing in the background allowed you to feel it to the soul. The song was an encouragement to women who are made to feel as if they are not adequate enough due to their physical appearance and you could feel the emotion as she sang out the song on the stage a very motivating performance. To top off her segment on the stage she sang a Disney song which was the right touch to create an aura of festivity.
During the intermission Scott Borchetta and Quebec's Marie-Mai updated us on the new additions to CTV's The Launch which included Bryan Adams, Nile Rodgers, Ryan Tedder, Bebe Rexhall and they also let us know in the video clip that they were gearing up to launch 6 new singles on the show. So Canada get ready for season two of The Launch on CTV.

Delaney Jane who also performed at the 2018 Jingle Ball had a hold on the crowd she was on point and set off smoke clouds as well on stage.

Lauv whose name is pronounced 'Love" an amazing RnB type of style artist softly powered up on the stage and was a sensation to the line up at the ball.

The crowd roared with a mighty force when Khalid stepped on the stage at the iHeart Jingle Ball. With his two back up singers there was not one person who stayed in their seat many were singing along and had their phones in the air so as not to miss one single bit of his time on the stage you could see why the masses were anticipating that glorious moment when Khalid dazzled the stage. Although there were many lights of decoration and visual effects its safe to say that Khalid was the light of the party.

Roger Ashby the morning host of CHUM FM 104.5 also bid his farewell who as of Wednesday will be retiring from the morning show after 50 years of service to the station.

It was a unique and right time for Jamar McNeil to be introduced to Toronto who will continue to co host on the morning show.

The iHeart Radio Jingle Ball 2018 was a great way to set off the holidays the Canadian way.

Island Beats truly enjoyed learning more about Canada's pop and rnb artists and other artists from the US and yes even England.

Island Beats would like  to give Bell Media's Rachael a big shout out for ensuring our attendance and the rest of the Bell Media team for having us.

We look forward to next years iHeart Jingle Ball and wish one and all a wonderful holiday season.

The iHeart Jingle Ball 2018 will also be touring in Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa Florida, and, Miami Florida.

To check out the line up and location log on to:

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

iHeart Radio Jingle Ball 2018

This Sunday Island Beats Is Pleased To Have Been Granted An Invitation To The iHeart Jingle Ball Featuring Performances From Khalid, Shawn Mendes, The Chainsmokers and more....Looking Much Forward It's Actually A Tour That Will Be Running Across The US as well This Sunday Yuh Done Know

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Island Beats Presents Canadian Reggae Trail Blazers

There are many in the Canadian Reggae Music industry who are working above and beyond to expose the many talented reggae artists in Canada.

Some of our very own Canadian artists that work hard each day to make a name for the Canadian reggae diaspora not just locally but abroad as well.

This 2018 some of our artists have went above and beyond to show case Canada in various places of the world and we also have to recognize community based warriors who create initiatives to preserve reggae and also tribute the history of reggae music on a whole.

Island Beats Proudly Presents To You Our Canadian Reggae Trail Blazers!!!

Canadian Juno Award winner Korexion is right now in Jamaica taking Canadian reggae to higher heights Mandeville Square in Jamaica has sampled Canada's reggae at his best through Toronto's Korexion. As well he has made us proud here in the north on his Mello FM tour igniting places such as Ochio Rios and attending the reggae music conference brushing shoulders with reggae icons such as Marcia Griffiths and many more. BIG up to Korexion on his tour in Jamaica sharing the talents within our Canadian reggae industry.

Kafinal the comedian, the singjay, the supporter based in Toronto Canada who supports events through out the city mingling from the top and elite to bending down to take pictures with the smaller players in his community is now the talk of the island with his new track with Queen Ifrica "Talk Or No Talk." Kafinal also a Juno Award winner is showing the world that Canada is made up of more than maple bacon, ice and snow. Island Beats is sure that we can all agree that is a sizzling asset to the Canadian Reggae industry keep the fire blazing Kafinal.

Not once, not twice, not three or four times, but five time Canadian Juno Award winner Exco Levi who has toured the USA, Jamaica and abroad will be hosting his video release on December 1, 2018 and has been a musical advocate for Canada and set the trend for Canadian reggae for the last few years we salute you Exco for hard work and perseverance pays off at the end of every day "Eh."

Kirk Diamond claimed the title this 2018 at the Canadian Juno Awards released a track that is blazing from pillar to post "Once Upon A Time." We have seen his works and vision displayed on Reggaeville and many more places definitely dropping some spot light on Canadian Reggae LARGE UP to Kirk Diamond Canada is proud of your milestones.

Tico Jua based in Montreal Canada brings Canada to the forefront with her fusion of Japanese culture with a blend of reggae and soul. A talented singer and ambassador of unification women and their spiritual strength she is a rare sound yet intriguing check out Sister Jua. It's an amazement to see so many cultures merged into one with Tico Jua.

They say that silent rivers run DEEP Semojrah Naki one of Canada's most conscious stepping out from Toronto has performed in Montreal, and also on the Ganja Fest this 2018 released a track with Ras Morgan another score on the reggae map for Canada. Silent but a musical weapon to conquer spreading love and positive vibrations through and through.

Toronto's Lazah Current has also been blazing trails taking Canadian reggae music to the island of reggae "Jamaica" his track "Power To The People" with Luciano is also setting trends for Canada on airwaves here at home and abroad. Power to Lazah Current!!!

Canada's Tasha "T' took Canadian reggae all the way to the continent of Africa and left Ethiopia embracing Canadian reggae.

Clayton "C" comes back to the Canadian reggae diaspora with his track "I Feel So Free" Clayton "C" has been a mighty force in the Canadian reggae industry an artist from Toronto, Canada who does not know the meaning of giving up his track has been played in Montreal, Vancouver, Europe, and, Jamaica definitely another Canadian trail blazer putting Canada on the map of reggae music.

Lioness Lindsay a supporter of persons who also delivers our Canadian mail for Canada Post upcoming and also a shining star in the midst.

Then we have those who work behind the scenes to keep reggae music alive in Canada for example the Feel Reggae seminars presented by Julian King of Toronto whose mission is to bring forth with all members of the community a solution to increasing the value of Reggae music in Canada. Julian hosts a monthly seminar and the doors are freely open each and every month to the community. Julian is as well the founder and foundation of Canadian Reggae World.

Marcia Tulloch and Delroy Graham founders of The Gerdine Graham Foundation in the heart of Toronto. Advocating for saving lives from leukemia. Doing more than their share with their passion for their Canadian community at their own expense to increase awareness of preventing the increase of many deaths that are cause from this dreadful disease. This power couple is a demonstration of what love, passion, and standing on the grounds of humanity can do.

One of Canada's reggae journalist warriors Natasha Von Castle of L3 Magazine has definitely contributed to keep reggae alive through her publications that combine Canadian and International artists she has traveled from Canada to Jamaica to Switzerland to Spain and many more places her love for reggae and her local artists being her guide. The places she has traveled to as a Canadian reggae representative has definitely done great justice to sharing "Oh Canada" with the world.

Another icon in the Canadian reggae industry working 7 days a week to share the value of Canadian reggae and reggae on a whole Ms Jannette Lumley. The Reggae On The Move helps to move hidden information to the spot light Ms Lumley keeps the Canadian reggae community updated and informed. She is like the wave on the sand you can't keep her in one place she is always on the move when it comes to her passion for reggae.

Canada's Mary Galvan has proven that out of small there can be a creation of endless possibility. Starting out with the Durham Caribbean Festival she has relentlessly advocated to bring the Caribbean culture to Durham advocating and representing and show casing Canada's Caribbean culture and high lights she managed to bring Durham Caribbean week more than a dream but into a bold reality. The Durham Caribbean festival show cases Canadian reggae talent a rare entity in the province of Ontario. A voice for the voiceless for the reggae and Caribbean community in Canada.

Oh Canadian reggae the above trail blazers in the reggae industry stands on guard for thee. BIG up to all those who play their role in putting Canadian reggae industry on the map who represent for Canada when abroad and at home.

As a community we owe it to each other to support each other whether great or small sometimes its nice when it takes something more pleasant than tragedy to bring us together music and a desire for growth in community can definitely be that common ground.

Island Beats has to pull up Exco Levi's Oh Canada Yuh done know Irie Up "Eh"

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