Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Island Beats Presents Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Laptop Drive For Jamaica

 Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performace INC. Is a non profit registered charitable organization based in Toronto, Canada.

Currently Beautiful Bold Women is hosting a laptop drive to donate to 5 primary schools that are based in low income and high risk communities in Jamaica.

Due to the Covid pandemic, most schools globally have resorted to virtual education to stop the spread of the virus.

For welfare state countries it is not hard for students to have access to computers, laptops, or tablets or to receive assistance from the government to provide a computer.

For many primary school children in Jamaica their reality is far different in comparison. There are some students who have one phone to share among several children in a home making it impossible to keep up with work on a small phone sized screen.

While there have been many who have made donations there are some children who live in locations on the island that may not have been donated to who are missing out on their education.

Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC. Will be targeting Wakefield Primary School in St Catherine, Godfrrey Stewart Primary School in Savanna La Mar Westmoreland,  Jericho Primary School, Shady Grove Basic School, and Mountainside Primary School.

Our goal is to work with the schools to identify families that are in dire need of a computer, laptop, or tablet who are not able to afford the devices and donate the devices that we receive through donations to those identified families and homes.

Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach hopes to achieve receiving donations from communities both in North America as well Jamaica if anyone has a gently used device we are pleading with you to donate your device to the children of Jamaica.

If you have a gently used laptop, tablet, or desktop pc and have it in you to care and share please contact Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance to find out how you can donate please email: islandbeatspromotions@gmail.com or call 437-231-1136.

"Eternal Father Bless Our Land"

Friday, 28 August 2020

Lutan Fyah Brings Music With Therapy 💗💛💚

In these trying times it can be easy to fall into depression sometimes to a point where its hard to be reached.

Lutan Fyah's "Neva Give Up" on the Reggae Star Riddim is definately a musical motivation.

Island Beats is pleased to share this track with the massive NEVER GIVE UP!

Sunday, 5 July 2020

The Island Beats Tribute To The Fallen Mix 2020

Island Beats Trbute To The Fallen Brothers & Sisters The Struggle For Freedom Still Persists It Is Up To Each Individual To Do All That We Can To Keep The Fire Blazing In a Peaceful Way Until Freedom and Equality Stands For All

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Island Beats Magazine July 2020 All Canadian Edition Released

The July Island Beats Magazine 2020 All Canadian Edition has been released digitally please feel free to view this special publication at Magcloud click the link below

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Island Beats Magazine July 1st 2020 In Light of Canada Day

Counting Down To July 1st 2020 In Light of Canada Day Island Beats Magazine Present The Special ALL Canadian Reggae Issue Save The Date We Won't Be Late  #islandbeatsmagazine

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Chezidek New Release "Because I'm Black" 2020

Island Beats is pleased to share with you "Because I'm Black" by Chezidek produced by Tads Records.

The track is uplifting in a roots reggae tempo BIG chune from the Rasta Chezidek.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Terry Linen Brand New Released "Goodness of God" 2020

Terry Linen "Goodness of God" Produced By Tad Records Is Already A Number One Sensation Since The Track Was Recorded To Wax. Terry Linen Has Made a Phenomenal Come Back With His Uplifting Music This One Is A Bomb Shell. Press The Play Button Below To Hear This Track