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Friday, 18 May 2018

Island Beats In Ghana Africa

In 2013 Dj Bubbles made the voyage to the mother land and arrived to meet a whole different world in Ghana, Africa.

The moment that Island Beats Bubbles stepped off the plane the air was different the sky was different it felt as if at long last she was home back to her roots.

Dj Bubbles stayed in Cape Coast Ghana a wonderful place in Ghana the home of Black Paradise a little strip where all the true rasta's set up shop just across from Oasis Beach.

Oasis Beach had a beautiful little hotel where you could see tourist from around the world also come to enjoy the beauties of the mother land.

That is where Dj Bubbles met a wonderful little boy named Isaac who walked along the beach every day to sell friend plantain a wonderful soul who loved music and gave Dj Bubbles the name Big Mama.

We also loved the Emperor Ital Joint a little bistro located on the strip in Cape Coast where Jah Kenya made some mouth watering dishes both North American and African as well.

The Ghanian people are indeed a peaceful people who love real roots reggae music and Dj Bubbles had the honor to meet the infamous King Lagazee a world known disc jockey from Hitz FM in Accra and beyond.

Black Paradise's Iman who created the most beautiful hand made paintings that tourists would order to take home to display the beautiful artifacts hand made which also took a lot of hard work and precision.

Dj Bubbles also attended the slave castles and saw inside of the dungeons where many slaves were taken into captivity and brought through the door of no return. It was a feeling like no other because as you walked through the dungeons and saw up close and personal the horror and grave impact slavery had on the people it definitely was a moment that lasted a life time.

Dj Bubbles was honored to visit Jahta's Yard a little studio in Accra where she met with Slim Souljah, Dj Garlic, and King Yellow.

The food was wonderful as well for the first time ever Dj Bubbles tried fufu and banku with peanut soup in Lapaz located in Accra, Ghana.

It was wonderful to return to the mother land where our roots are from also to take in a part of history that is not a pleasant one but definitely feel it first hand where we are coming from.

Ghana they say is the gateway to Africa and definitely I would agree its a land of peace if given the opportunity again Dj Bubbles would definitely return and enjoy the peace, the music, the beach and most of all the people.

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