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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Pacq Uprising Jamaican Conscious Artist In Jamaica

Island Beats has been following uprising and conscious Pac "Q" since he began the one love movement which was one of the conscious tracks that brought him out to the fore front of the reggae music industry on a global level.

Pac "Q' is very passionate about using his talent to help to combat the violence taking place in Jamaica and also to use his talent to encourage the minds of the youth's to keep faith rather than resort to crime as a source of survival. With songs such as Better Days, Jamaica Violence Free its evident through these songs that he is determined to make a major difference on the island of Jamaica and abroad.

Pac Q inherited his vocal skills from his mother Joan McDonald who he describes in his own words passed her talent on to her son Pac Q.

Pac Q is no stranger to the spot light he really got his break through when he blazed the stage inside the Upper Deck club in Jamaica and then moved on to the famous Jamaican TV show Magnum Kings and Queens and even went as far to be one of the top 10 contestants.

Pac Q is still storming those airwaves with his continuous pledge to use his talent to bring better days to his beloved island of Jamaica.

Better Days Video

Pac Q is definitely here to shine musically and is currently accepting bookings see his contact information below:
Phone: 876 857 6256

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