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Friday, 22 June 2018

Feel Reggae Live Reggae Music Seminar June 23rd, 2018 4-6 PM

Tomorrow June 23, 2018 all reggae massive the place to be is 86 Elm Grove in Toronto for a live reggae music seminar presented to you by Julian of Canadian Reggae World.

Julian is quite highly regarded in the Toronto Reggae Community for his passion for reggae music and also educating the massive about reggae music in particular those who feel reggae music in the community.

Island Beats spoke with Julian and he shared with us that the concept is not to teach reggae music but a work shop to benefit those who "feel" reggae music and improve on that feeling that will inevetably enhance the sound of the music.

The work shop is designed to assist and also increase knowledge of the history of reggae music and is beneficial to those who play in a band, music composers, and also including selectors and disc jockeys.

The work shop will further provide reggae musicians with a stronger sense of the reggae culture.

Julian expressed that reggae music is far more complex than being simple as it may seem to the human eye. The entity of reggae music for Julian is based on the feel of the music and he added that reggae music in order to have that warming effect needs to be felt deeply within the soul.

Although there are many musicians from other genre's have tried to play reggae music the outcome is that it does not have the same effect as those who have felt reggae music for many years and also have a history of the culture of reggae music.

As per Julian he guarantees that once you have the feeling that definitely one can enhance that feeling and this is a concept that can not be taught with out the passion and the feeling.

Musicians and lovers of reggae music by attending the Live Reggae Music Seminar there are questions that will be answered regarding reggae music that you would not be able to find anywhere.

The seminar is open to everyone to attend anyone who wishes to play reggae music this includes senior, teenagers, children, and adults as well.

If you have a passion and a soul felt passion for reggae music then this seminar is designed just for you.

The cost of admission is $20 and conveniently located in downtown Toronto at 86 Elm Grove Avenue inside the Boxing Loft Social Club.

This seminar is not to teach however to improve the feel which starts with a deep passion for and that "Feel" for the beautiful art of reggae music.

86 Elm Grove Avenue 
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1L6

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