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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Freddie Ranks Veteran DJ

Island Beats is no stranger to Freddie Ranks who met DJ Bubbles in Jamaica in 2017. They say its all in a name and Freddie Ranks is one musical boss who earned the title "Ranks."

Freddie has been a strong force in the reggae music industry since 1976 and still going strong. During his interview with Island Beats Blog News he revealed that his passion and love for reggae music is what opened the gateway for him to become an established and long lasting artist. In his own words he says that the encouragement is in his blood.

Since his debut into the world of music in 1976 Freddie has produced a few albums on the D Mack and Rockers Master Label an acclaimed international label.

Freddie is definitely a major milestone in the reggae industry and we asked him to describe how the music industry has changed since 76 to current and he did mention that in his opinion the music industry has changed but for the good.

Freddie believes the music changed for the better since he started out because he believes that music is life and also a universal language and is also used as a tool to unify and relay messages in the music.  Freddie also added that most definitely there are different strokes for different folks.

Freddie has had the advantage to work at some of the most prestigious recording studio's in Jamaica and has also brushed shoulders with some of the elite and highly regarded musicians thanks to Rockers Master who introduced him to icons such as Sly & Robbie, Mickey Sylvan, and has also worked with artist such as Ed Robinson to name a few.

Additionally Rockers Master who has recorded some big names in the industry for example Beres Hammond, Gregory Isaacs, Sanchez only to name a few. Freddie actually gives thanks to Rockers Master as he was the one who introduced him to Sly & Robbie and many others.

To add to his experiences in the industry since 76 Freddie has also done some recordings at the infamous King Jammy Studio, King Tubby, Pent House and just to name a few.

Freddie spoke with pride about the many shows that he has performed  on one that stuck out in particular was his appearance on Sumfest 1993 and it was one month after that Sumfest show in 93 where he migrated to the US.

Some of the songs that brought Freddie Ranks to the fore front were songs such as Five Commandents of Ghetto Living which was recorded on the Rockers Master which is an international label. As a matter of fact that song was incorporated to the late great Prime Minister Edward Seaga's campaign in 1988.

That was a major breaking point for the Ranks and he went on to break hits with songs such as God Fi Dem, Love me For A Reason, and most recently his collaboration with Atowa Stumbling Blocks.

Currently Freddie to mentor  youth's in the vicinity and daily encourages the youngsters to stay out of trouble and make wise decisions along their journey.

We asked Freddie if he had any major plans for the rest of 2018 and his main goal is to continue to produce great songs, write more encouraging songs that will provide the massive with upliftement and continue to sing songs that will convey messages to increase peace, love, and, harmony.

Freddie Ranks ended by giving thanks to God who he agrees is an omnipitent God and also created the heaven, the earth and the heart.

Freddie also gave Island Beats DJ Bubbles a shout out in his worlds he says that Island Beats and the Island Beats team who he describes as making a wonderful contribution to the life of music.

As well a shout out to Rockers Master, Cecil Sinclair, Shy B, who he shared were his mentors and kept him grounded in the music industry.

It was also remarkable might we add that Freddie quoted a scripture from the bible "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." Corinthians 13:11.

Freddie Ranks definitely although a success story from the ghetto recognizes that life is a precious gift and gives his life to making a difference in the world and also to be there for the youth's who are now just starting out on their journey not only in music but in life as well.

It was an honor to meet Freddie Ranks in Jamaica last year and a pleasure to reason with Freddie Ranks click the links to hear the works from the "Great" Freddie Ranks.

Freddie Ranks "Living Legend"

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