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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

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St James Community Toronto New Fresh Co Grocery Store Opening June 21, 2018

The St James community is a low income housing area located right in the heart of Toronto which consists of a great deal of residents who are marginalized and living below the low income cut off point.

Although downtown Toronto is known to be trendy and very convenient with respects that there are many stores and commodities it can be difficult for some to be able to access affordable stores and also to afford to buy at certain establishments due to high prices and the fact that the cost of living is higher in downtown Toronto than most neighborhoods.

This makes it difficult to keep up with accessing the basic necessities such as groceries and doctor's appointment etc. Which is also attributed to transportation hindrances as well

Just recently right in the middle of St James Town a brand new Fresh Co has opened its doors which makes it easier for the residents of St James to be able to walk less than 5 mins to do their shopping and not worry about high food prices as they would at the other grocery stores in the vicinity.

As well being a new grocery store many of the cashiers and general laborers were hired from right within the community so Fresh CO has also created job opportunity for many very close to their homes.

Island Beats DJ Bubbles had the opportunity to visit the store on its first day in operation and was greeted with friendly and available workers who were most kind to point out where items were located and was even assisted by a manager to pack up her groceries.

The residents of St James are most grateful for this convenience and not to mention affordable prices on food.

Definitely Fresh Co is a blessing to many in the little community and on behalf of the St James community Island Beats wants to welcome Fresh Co to our little St James.

If you are in the St James Community just off of Sherbourne and Bloor Street in Toronto stop by the clean and lovely new Fresh Co in the neighborhood.

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