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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Island Beats Blog News Interview With Some One Loves You Honey JC Lodge

JC Lodge

When one hears the name JC Lodge they automatically start to sing "I Want To Share Your Love." It was an honor for Island Beats to virtually interview with the lovely JC Lodge who has left her foot prints in the hearts of many with her hit track "Some One Loves You Honey."

JC Lodge shared with us her start in the reggae music industry which was in the early 80s where she shared with Island began the day her boyfriend heard her sing and asked her if she would record some of the songs that he had composed himself.

It was a trial run at first just to see if the Jamaican music sector would be interested in playing the songs.

At the time JC described that her boyfriend played a table top drum to add a tempo to sync with her voice and two cassette decks which enabled them to add harmony to the melodies.

JC shared that their recording mechanism was difficult in the start but it was successful in recording.

JC was actually auditioned by a few icons in the Jamaican music sector such as DJ Charles Lewin, Chalice Bands Keyboardist, Allah Lloyd and Clive Hunt the music producer.

JC shared more of the early parts of her career before she sky rocketed into a world wide sensation. The cassette that her and her boyfriend pain stakingly produced reached the hands of Joe Gibbs studio which was a well know studio which recorded artists such as Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, The legendary Mighty Diamonds, Trinity & A Plethora just to name a few.

Many artists at that time had one hearts desire and that was to be heard and even for JC who shared that she experienced many promising hopes combined with countless visits to the studio until finally that golden tape was finally auditioned.

Finally JC got her break through when she was given a song originally sang by Captain & Tenille "Do That To Me One More Time." JC did the reggae cover for the song and she says in her own words that it was the first time her voice graced wax.

To JC she believes that Joe Gibbs tested the track for feedback which JC is convinced that the test passed because she then did the hit track originally sang by the infamous Charlie Pride "Some One Loves You Honey" the track that still graces the airwaves and many dance halls and clubs to this very day.

Someone Loves You Honey was actually released in 1980 and by December 1980 the track went viral playing on all the local stations and featured on various music charts and well beyond the island of Jamaica.

Some One Loves You Honey was really the gateway for JC Lodge that brought her to the spot light and from there her career only grew bigger that what she could have imagined when she used the double deck cassette player and a table top drum to record her first track.

JC also shared that although she was now officially a professional and highly acclaimed recording artist she had to overcome her shyness in order to manage stardom.

We asked JC how many albums to date that she has released through out her career and she revealed that to date she has recorded and released 12 albums in counting and also has an album upcoming called "Passion Fruit." Of all of her 12 albums JC says that her most challenging album was the album for Tommy Boy which is a US based hip hop label as she was signed to the label due to her song Telephone Love with Shabba Ranks another smash hit.

At this period in her career JC said that Ed Strickland who referred her to Tommy Boy had left the company and did not feel that the company had an understanding of her background or her direction. JC informed Island Beats that at that period in time that she was not so sure herself how to categorize her music as she had the talent of making beautiful music with different genres.

This exceptional talent gave JC the opportunity to record jazzy reggae, dancehall flavored songs, pop reggae and even jazzy ballads.

In the end Tommy did accept the album and actually invested in her video for the song "Home Is Where The Hurt Is."

JC faced a few small hurdles she described because once the album was being promoted on US stations she was asked on many occasion what type of music she did and some even insisted as per JC that the track Telephone Love was R&B rather than reggae.

 Due to the controversy over whether JC should be classified as an R&B artist versus a Reggae artist in the end JC asked to be released from the contract and also the struggle of travelling to perform from Jamaica to the US. The album "Home Is Where The Hurt Is" went as high as 45 on the R&B Billboard chart however the promotions on the album had by this time ended.

In terms of travelling JC has blessed her fans in Canada, the US, Hawaii, various Caribbean Islands, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Thailand, and, also Japan.

JC shared that a great deal of her performances has been in clubs or dance halls  and equally on festivals. JC favors the Hawaian, Tongan, and, Samoan audiences and also Japanese audiences because of how they gravitated to her musically speaking.

JC Lodge took Island Beats on a journey of some of the unforgettable moments of her career by telling us that she enjoyed the aspect of having her own band when she was on tour in Japan more frequently. As well working with fellow musicians she finds that it gave her the opportunity to get to know them as an individual and gain some understanding of them which JC says provides an enhancement to one's performance.

JC also shared another major milestone with us and spoke with pride of having received a gold and platinum disc for the sales of Some One Loves You Honey in the Netherlands in the early 80s which to date she cheerishes very deeply.  As well in 1988 JC received  a Jamaican Grammy award for the best femal vocalist and adding to the milestones and great accomplishments JC also won the British Reggae Industry  Award for Telephone love which was on the top of the charts in the UK.

In 1998 JC Lodge also received a JAMPRO Award for the best children's music and these are just to mention a few.

Currently JC Lodge and her husband were extremely  proud in 2000 of the TV series that they produced for TVJ called Sing "n" Learn which was a combination of all of their skills.

JC's husband wrote the the children's mini drama's and was also the co-produce and co-editor of the entire series and even created the IT segment of the program.

The couple produced the educational songs featured on the program which JC wrote herself. Although they faced the task of meeting weekly deadlines to JC she says it felt like it was their higher calling and shared that the tv program Sing 'n" Learn is something that she is hoping to resume at some point.

From a female point of view in the music industry JC affirmed that there indeed more barriers in comparison to male artists in the industry. JC Lodge found that some promoters have the notion that female artists did not have the strength to create a hype within an audience. JC also relayed that some produced have a stigma that female artists were merely song birds hence the reason why a majority of females are only asked to sing love songs rather than songs of depth and reality themed songs.

JC shared with us more biased views on part of radio hosts and producers who are fearful of investing in female artists for fear of the interuption of pregnancy and raising their children and juggling their music careers.

On venues where there are female performances JC mentioned that most of the time the females are lumped together which conveys the message that taking each female uniquely as an individual would not be strong enough.

As well JC observes as a female artist in terms of biased behavior from male producers and radio dj's that the female performers are used as opening acts which in most cases the opening acts have less exposure as opposed to in the middle of an event where the crowd is at its peak.

These obstacles that women in the industry for JC serves as a perpetuation and a definitely a catalyst to marginalizing a female's stance in the industry.

Although faced with the challenging that women faced in the industry we can definitely agree that JC is one of many women who have fought through those barriers and is still a strong force in the music industry even to this day.

JC shared with us as well her major influences her husband was at the top of the list followed by the Beatles, her father's jazz artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Louis Jordan, and Frances Faye influenced by the first 10 years of her life growing up in England. In relation to her Jamaican roots her major musical influences she mentioned were the late great John Holt, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Third World and additionally R&B artists Earth, Wind & Fire, the Emotions, the Temptations, Denice Williams, Tina Marie, the Stylistics, the Delphonics, and country artists Janis Ian, the legendary Carpenters, Crystal Gayle and world known Dolly Parton.

Island Beats asked JC Lodge what the rest of 2018 looked like on a musical level and JC revealed that there are some shows that are awaiting confirmation JC's major focus is on releasing and promoting her new album called "Passion Fruit" and also to promote her new single and video of her tracked called "Destiny."

As mentioned earlier JC also added that she would like to dedicate some time to her education to children through music tv series Sing "N" Learn and work on new material and re-releasing product pertaining to the series.

There are currently released material that is available on iTunes and Apple Music.

At the end of our interview with JC we asked her to leave some words of encouragement to upcoming females in the industry in which she advises that as an artist young lady's if you feel strongly about the path you have chosen to trod meaning their image or choice of genre that you should remain true to your passion and choice of passions. JC also shared the importance of having management that understands an artist's desires and also shares the dream and added that this criteria was crucial.

JC spoke freely of her love for reggae music however did share that if an artist in particular female artist is compelled to different forms of expression through the art of music that they should never succumb to restrictions.

It was a pleasure and an honor to take a closer of look of who the beautiful and talented JC Lodge is and also a great pleasure to share JC Lodge with our fans on Island Beats.

JC Lodge can be reached at:
Errol O'Meally 011447918606848

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