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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Island Beats In Jamaica Reggae Sumfest 2018

Island Beats for the first time ever attended one of the biggest reggae festivals in Jamaica Sumfest for 2018 which was founded in 1993 and now operated by Joseph Bogdanovich. 

It was wonderful to be met and greeted by A Lion from Don Richie productions and Voice-Roy Brown a recording engineer from Falmouth, Jamaica.

From the airport we proceeded to the Hotel Gloriana which is the hotel that featured in the Jamaican film from Glory to Gloriana. The hotel is such a beautiful hotel located on Sunset strip in Mobay where all the tourist resorts are located on the same strip however at The Hotel Gloriana the staff was more like family welcoming a relative home.

The hotel was clean and spotless and all of the staff working at the hotel were very friendly and accommodating to Island Beats. We requested a ground floor and the staff were so wonderful they ensured that our room was on the ground floor level close to the pool and bar area surrounded by flowers and palm trees and a lot of plants.

Gloria Minto was very willing to come out from behind her desk and take photos with Island Beats it was a pleasure to sit and talk with her as well.

For an air conditioned room with a king sized bed the rates at the hotel were more than reasonable.

For anyone visiting Jamaica Island Beats recommends The Hotel Gloriana contact information:

TEL: (876) 979-0669FAX: (876) 979-0698E-MAIL: hotelgloriana@yahoo.com

Reggae Sumfest 2018

After picking up our media passes it was just a matter of getting dressed and ready to attend the biggest festival in Jamaica. To back track a bit it was so wonderful to pick up the passes at the Wexford Hotel in Mobay they provided the media personnel with gift packet's with sample of blue mountain coffee, tea and other little momentum's to remember being part of the Reggae Sumfest.

By the time Island Beats got to the festival grounds the session was in full swing when we arrived I Octane was burning up the stage literally and as Island Beats proceeded to the media tent it was an atmosphere of excitement.

The festival served limitless red stripe beer to the media crew that was there and we ran into Nyerere from the Warrior Love band who shared with us that he has attended the festival and the band has played on Reggae Sumfest for many years and that they were the second top band in Jamaica he was pleasant and a joy to speak with.

The driver of the Mello FM media bus was also very kind to Island Beats by taking us around the media tents and helping us to get situated as well.

Stone Bwoy from Ghana, Africa had a few words with us and it was wonderful to see that he traveled all the way from the mother land to give Jamaica a taste of Africa reggae at its finest.

The infamous Spice also ran into DJ Bubbles back stage and she was delighted to see Island Beats as she remembered DJ Bubbles from her performance in Toronto in June at the Popcaan and Spice show.

One of the biggest high lights for the first night of the festival was our interview and encounter with one of the managers of operations Sunflower aka Kereen Williams who was gravitated to the copy of Island Beats Magazine.

We had a wonderful talk about the station and how it began as a family owned and operated station and her beginning as a DJ and how she grew with the station to be one of the operations manager.

We spoke about the opportunities that are given to upcoming artists on Current Tuesdays which features new music from new emerging artists.

We spoke about the community outreach such as Mother's In Crisis and the wonderful crafts made by the youth which Island Beats was given a package with a key chain, a pouch, and other beautiful hand made crafts by the youth.

It was such a pleasure speaking with Sunflower and Island Beats most impressed by the opportunities that SunCity 104.9 FM grants to upcoming artists in the industry.

To Submit Your Music For Airplay Submit To: suncitywpt104@gmail.com

Another high light of the journey to Jamaica for Island Beats was meeting Safira Mono whom we give thanks to for helping us to create the Island Beats New Blog. It was so great to see our family of 12 years and also meet Speng and Kirk as well. Safira Mono has fought her way  to the top with her skills, her talent, and her perseverance as well.

We were able to visit the Jample Studio in Spanish Town and view the grand muriel at the front of her house.

Safira will be debuting her album called "Just A Woman" which is set to be released in September of this year which features some heavy collaborations with artists such as Morgan Heritage, Mikey General and others.

Safira Mono the talented who also has produced films such as Lady Don with part two in the works.

Safira and Island Beats also had the pleasure of interviewing with Island Beats and Gloria from The Hotel Gloriana it was a great reasoning among women.

We also connected with Greg Rasta Campbell from Black Lion Productions and were able to share a few words with Greg Rasta as well.

We also met up close and personal with Blak Diamon from U.I.M. in Kingston who caught us up to speed with new projects and new music coming out to the massive and also wanted to congratulate Anju Blaxx the C.E.O. Of U.I.M. on his Grammy Award for his top notch productions.

Island Beat's journey to Jamaica for Reggae Sumfest 2018 and to connect with great friends, talented musicians and reggae artists and producers and also SunCity Radio was an unforgettable experience and this will not be our last voyage to Jamaica. Thank you to Sumfest for having Island Beats at the 2018 Sumfest and bless up to our Island Beats blog and magazine readers who give us the inspiration to keep writing and sharing our amazing experiences time and time again.

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