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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Do You Know The Story Of The Handcart Boy From Jamaica?

Island Beats really enjoyed the real live story of the handcart boy his name is Jabarii an upcoming and very conscious artist out of Jamaica.

When you hit the play button you will not really believe that Jabarii just started his journey in the reggae music industry this year 2018.

Jabarii was born with a passion for life and for music which was a dynamic combination.

Jabarii was influenced by his love for people and he just wanted an outlet where he could relate to the people in a positive way.

Jabarii made a vow to sing consciously so that he could tell his life story and share how he has over came the challenges in his own life.

Jabarii made a huge impact in the reggae music industry with his song "The Story Of The Hand Cart Boy."

Jabarii described his major milestone since he began in the music industry this year as continuing to sing even with financial barriers which he stated has proven difficult however he  has not allowed that to be a permanent set back his passion keeps him moving.

Still early in his career Jabarii has not graced the stage with his conscious vibes and soothing voice however it is something that he is working on and very actively.

Island Beats asked Jabarii if his first track to touch the airwaves was a true story and he revealed that it was indeed his life story as a handcart boy in Jamaica many doubted that his dream to sing his story to the world would manifest however he pushed that handcart to see his dream become a reality so to speak.

We asked Jabarii to render his advice to the youth's that have gravitated to violence and crime as their source of survival and he advised to the youngsters to hold on to a positive mindset and although life is filled with changes to continue to believe in themselves and never to give in to the dark side no matter the circumstances.

Jabarii is no doubt on his way to the top with his musical testimony of hardship and trials with a strong will to share the passion and dedication he holds to succeed and motivate others through his music.

Massive you can follow Jabarii on his instagram @Jabarii_muzik
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/jabarimusic/
For Bookings Contact: 1 (876) 487-6767

It was a wonderful experience to hear the story of the handcart boy up close and personal bless up Jabarii keep on pushing.

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