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Saturday, 22 September 2018

No Woman No Cry Anti Violence Against Women March 2019

On September 8th, 2018 DJ Bubbles for the first time in history took a ride on the Enterprise 2000 in Toronto to cover the Noah’s Ark Ankara Edition. The event was to help raise funds for the No Woman No Cry ceremony taking place in March of 2019 and was presented by Real Promo.

One of the event organizers Kadeane Martin-Browne was randomly physically attacked over a parking space in the city of Toronto and suffered almost living her life paralyzed however due to her strength and will to survive plus an 8 hour surgery she did survive and planned the Noah’s Ark boat cruise to testify her strength to other females who so many are vulnerable to violence on a daily basis.

The cruise was a wonderful experience it was the perfect day to set sails on the harbor with great food, unforgettable entertainment, and music provided from one of Toronto’s finest DJ’s DJ Corey.

There was a smile on each and every face and the attendee’s were all so friendly and engaging even to those that did not know each other.

The food was well prepared by Leggy’s Catering with a menu of jerk chicken, curried goat, and stewed chicken with rice & peas and a healthy tossed salad on the side.

Kaffinal and Nago did a great comedy act that had the crowd in tears and stitches through out the cruise.

The $55 ticket price including food and access to the entire boat and was also donated to the upcoming ceremony “No Woman No Cry” to honor surviving women who experienced the horror of being physically assaulted.

Women are attacked and some are not so blessed to survive on a daily basis all over the world and sadly this goes unnoticed.

The boat cruise was a wonderful way to stand for these women such as Kadeane who not only have survived however also dedicated their lives to creating a change and being a voice for these women.

Kadeane has shared with us the mission for the “No Woman No Cry” ceremony which will serve as a reminder to women who have endured physical violence that they are precious and very much valued.

As a survivor of violnece herself Kadeane Martin-Browne shared that many times she has cried and felt to die however by talking and sharing her story the more she found it as a catalyst to heal.

Kadeanne plans to gather some women who have suffered from abuse from the shelters that she has volunteered with where she did pedicures and treat them to a night out to boost their self esteem.

Additionally Kadeanne endeavors to work with community housing to create units strictly for women who have survived physical abouse and provide them with clothing and also a place where they can share their stories and begin the healing process.

Kadeanne would like to work with women who are influential in the community to speak and assist in raising awareness about the violence against women and share in being a voice for these too often marginalized females.

This is a more than worthy cause and one that can be accomplished by other women those who have been exposed to physical violence and those who would like to dedicate some of their time to standing up for these women in our community.

Call: 647-949-4170

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