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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Island Beats At The 6th Annual Celebrating The Excellence In Scarborough

Attending the 6th Annual Celebration of Excellence was an amazing experience for Island Beats Magazine.

Janise Smith started the Celebrating The Excellence in Scarborough initiative since 2012 did an amazing job.

Janise Smith also shared with Island Beats a little of her background history.

Starting out in the lovely island of Jamaica Janise migrated to Canada and nestled into the lovely suburb of Scarborough at a young age.

Janise shared with Island Beats that she went to school in Scarborough as it basically became her second home away from Jamaica.

In 2010 Janise was given the publisher's position at Snapd Scarborough and two years after she decided that she wanted to create a platform that would be able to uplift the members in the Scarborough community and those who made positive contributions rather focus on the negative aspects that are constantly affiliated with the Scarborough region.

Janise was so passionate about her community that she wanted to provide her initiative on a free basis where Scarborough residents could enjoy and celebrate the great contributors to the Scarborough community and enjoy free food and drink.

With the help of the generous sponsors such as the Scarborough Rotary Club, Mcdonalds, AWFS, Ki Events, Sarvanaa Bhavan, Netwyn Place just to name a few the celebration has become even stronger within the last 6 years.

The Celebration Of Excellence in Scarborough is a wonderful initiative as we experienced last for ourselves it was a night of fun and most important unity.

The MC for the night was one of Canada's top entertainment reports Rudy Blair who kept the crowd engaged with his wit and humor.

The DJ for the night the infamous Juiceman who had the crowd from young to old shaking and rocking all evening long.

The performance of Free Falling from In Between The Lines was a great show opener they sang just as well as the late great Tom Petty. They set the stage right for Dream To Dance ENT who gave a sizzling Latin dance segment dressed in the most dazzling outfits.

Island Beats had a chance to speak with the two who shared with us that they were both born and raised in Scarborough and that they were two from a large group who just recently brought their skills to New York.

The powerful spoken word segment from the founder of RISE Edutainment Randell Adjei was just phenomenal and we were blessed to have a few words with him back stage as he spoke with pride and eloquence about his RISE initiative which he created as an outlet for youth's between 16-20 to be able to freely express themselves.

We then had a great chat with Scarborough's amazing Dan-E-O a top notch hip hop artist who shared his passion for Scarborough as well and wanting to remove the stigma that Scarborough was a crime zone in the city. Dan-E-O rendered a wonderful performance and has been a dynamic musical contribution to the city of Scarborough as well.

We could not forget having the honor to meet Dr Alvin Curling who served as an MPP in Scarborough for 20 years and also won an award as well.

It was amazing to see Leslie Moore and Barb the foundation for the one and only Curves Women Fitness right there on Kingston Road. Out of the two remaining Curves gym's in Toronto as a former gym member Island Beats would say that this Curves location is more than just a 30 minute work out it was one all female gym that truly cares not just about the amount of members however about each and I emphasize on EACH member on an individual basis.

The end of the presentation was like no other event every body was on the dance floor feeling the one love vibe while Bob Marley's voice rang through the speakers.

Those dancing on the floor included the Honorable Mitzie Hunter the Minister Of Education who was also a pleasant and friendly delight.

We saw the positive side of Scarborough and celebrated with those who contribute to making Scarborough a prosperous community that cares about its residents.

Plans as per Janise Smith are underway for the 7th Annual Celebration Of Excellence in Scarborough as we speak and performing opportunities, sponsors, and nomination submission will be open really soon.

In the mean time for more information please feel free to reach out to Janise Smith at:

You can also keep up with the movement by following the fan page on Facebook by clicking this link:

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