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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Island Beats Inside Leggy's Annual Eat Till Yuh Belly Full Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss 20181

It was no regrets for Island Beats to attend the annual "Eat Till Yuh Belly Full Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss" fund raising event October 27, 2018.

Island Beats had the pleasure to meet Leggy the Chief Chef of Leggy's Catering Plus in Toronto who literally wears his heart on his sleeve.

A very kind soul in nature who dedicates his life to giving back to those in need on every level. 

In combination with his lovely and humbled wife Caron it is no wonder that the Jamaican Canadian Association was filled from wall to wall to enjoy a clean fun and enjoyable night with part of the proceeds from the event going  to the children in Jamaica at the James Hill Early Childhood Development in Clarendon Jamaica.

The Jamaican Association looked like a place from Alice In Wonderland with the magical decorations of the tables and the flashing lights it was like stepping into a fairy tale world.

The whole theme set off the aura of elegance and not to mention the tables that set up buffet style.

You could smell the different spices and herbs that were infused together to serve the masses with some delicious goat, cow foot, and, stew chicken and not to mention the vegetarian menu.

The wonderful aspect about dinner is that the serving went hassle free in an organized fashion and the servers and table patrons were so friendly and courteous that it made each and everyone feel like VIP.

We were serenaded by DJ Cory and his classic yet sizzling tracks and it was wonderful to see Rosie Rose from Rosie Rose promotions who looked stunning as usual.

Also attending was Ms. Elaine Robinson of G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories, Kadeane Martin-Browne from the No Woman No Cry movement, and of Toronto's top spoken word guru's Janelle Monique.
There were several door prizes and everyone in the room was anxious for the draw for the 49 inch TV that was raffling out.

At the back of the JCA (Jamaican Canadian Association) it was so nice to take professional photos that were printed for you in a wonderful frame by Digital Photo and the camera man Billy was as gentle as a dove it was a load of fun.

The performances started out with Canada's comedy king Jay Martin who gave a sorrowful rendition of his bully beef poem and shared with us his bully beef key that he keeps on him at all times.

Followed was Verley Lewis who had the audience in stitches with his Immi....... mishap that had him in Montreal instantly.

Miss Theresa "Pinky" Baker stole the show with her pink wig and her segment on the females being attracted to male thugs it was all about fun and laughter.

Island Beats was also able to interview with Pinky afterwards back stage where she shared with us her upcoming play called "The Head Girl" taking place on November 11, 2018 inside the JCA as well.

Christopher "Johnny" Daley as well interviewed with Island Beats and the same hilarious trend that he sets off on stage is the same hilarious aura that he brings about him.

We then enjoyed Tony Anthony one of Toronto's reggae icons performed and mesmerized the crowd with his track "Today Am Gonna Change The World" Island Beats also was brought up to speed in terms of his career in a short interview and was happy to receive a copy of his EP that was just recently released called "Why I Love You."

The final act on stage was actually Johnny Daley and then DJ Corey took control of the crowd and blazed songs that had even the elderly showing what they got metaphorically speaking.

Althought the inside of JCA was on fire Mother Nature decided to clash the warmth inside and sent down some rain and wet snow for us so Leggy had soup to protect us from the cold.

The whole event was clean and suitable even for children to attend.

From the moment you entered the JCA it was not a wham bam thank you ma'm type of feeling after you purchased your ticket the young gentlemen including Leggy's son's were so attentive and friendly they helped you find a place to be seated and smiled all through the event.

It's no wonder why the Eat Till Yuh Belly Full Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss has blossomed into an annual event a night of fun, laughter, good food, amazing music among wonderful people it is something to look forward to through out the year.

Island Beats was honored to be a part of such a unique and beautiful initiative to give hope to the children in Jamaica and also to just lay your troubles at the door and remember that life is sweet and in meeting individuals such as Leggy and his beautiful wife Caron help us to remember why each day of life is truly a gift.

We hope to see you all there next year where you can Eat Till Yuh Belly Full then Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss.

Island Beats gives this event not a 5 star rating but 10 gold stars.

For more information on how you can be a part of creating a brighter day for the children in Jamaica you can log on to Shady Tree at:

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