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Friday, 21 December 2018

The Caribbean Community Comes Together To Bid Farewell To Miss Gloria Surage "Ruff Neck Granny"

Yesterday on December 20, 2018 the Caribbean community in Toronto came together to celebrate and honor the life of one of our diamond's in the rough Miss "Gloria Surage."

To know Gloria was to know Gloria she surely left her foot prints in the hearts of many there is not one person who crossed her path who could not say what a kind and gentle persevering soul that she was among us.

Known for her position on the stage for performances such as Ruff Neck Granny, Dear Pastor, and her final act as Pauline in a Mother's Love which took place on October 6, 2018.

Gloria is gone in body but definitely will live on in the hearts of many.

While alive she gave selflessly to her community each and every year no matter the turn out she worked hard through out the year to present clean and fun entertainment.

In meeting her two lovely son's, her daughter Sophia its clear to see that her kindness passed on to her kids and she will definitely live through her children and grand children and generations to come.

Looking beyond the fact that it took her passing to have the Jamaican Canadian Association filled up we can definitely say that she left with us a whole flood of love.

I think we can honestly say that in days to come that because of her love and courage that maybe we will support each other and love each other.

Island Beats and the Caribbean community would like to extend to her family our deepest sympathy and also to add that her live was not in vain it is rare to find a pure soul such as Gloria's and heaven is blessed to receive her although we will miss her dearly she gave us the greatest gift of all and that is LOVE.

Miss Gloria's journey will continue for years to come.

Rest In Paradise Miss Gloria we will see you shining in the stars your love and spirit in the warm breeze.

We love you always and thank you for your contributions and your gift of love to our community.

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