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Friday, 1 November 2019

Y.A.R.D. Empire Jamaica (Youth For Arts & Recreational Development)

Several studies have highlighted the link between inadequate youth/ community development programs and incidences of delinquency and anti-social behavior.  
This position is supported by surveys done by regional and international bodies that highlight growing concerns about issues such as crime and violence. According to the Human Development Report 2012 and the Shift to Better Citizen Security (UNDP), “youth violence has become an important development challenge worldwide”.  That report further suggests that increased youth involvement in violence has contributed to popular perceptions of growing insecurity in the Caribbean Research suggests that if youth and community members are engaged in structured and sustained development programs, positive outcomes can be expected.
A Way out
Globally more and more country s have sought to introduce structured programs as an intervention against observed youth, family and community development challenges. YARD will seek to utilize the practice of theater and sport as a tool to promote community development. The advancement of technology and subsequently the preponderance of digital devices and gadgets have led to a decline in live theater performances.
The digital age, while important to development, has created significant challenges for people and societies.  Among other concerns, the advancement and the unbridled access to the internet have been linked to increase hostility and lack of social skills among youth.  Countries across the globe have sought to address some of these challenges by the introduction of various programs in culture and sport. YARD proposes to utilize the arts and sports combined with mentoring to develop talent and value of our youth. Youth in both the community & penal institutions will be targeted.

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