Saturday, 14 March 2020

New Hip Hop Talent Coming From Toronto GhostDaArtist featuring DFRM89

Coming straight out of the hood in Toronto, Ontario GhostDaArtist featuring DFRM8 recently released their track "Moving Hot."

With all of the gun violence on the rise on the streets in Toronto these two youths are using music as an outlet to express themselves.

DFRM89 has grown up living below the low income cut off point in Toronto however refuses to be a statistic. Working hard by day doing junk removal services he makes time to express his thoughts and feelings on the mic. 

GhostDaArtist the main lyricist in this track "Moving Hot" has not had easy life either and works by day as well refusing to follow the trend of falling victim to the system or facing jail times.

Although this is their very first track the duo combined their talent and produced this truly Moving Hot track and this will not be the last coming from the two upcoming Toronto based hip hop artists.

Feel free to preview the track by hitting the play button just below on the music player lets support our youth in the 6ix on finding a creative outlet to express their thoughts and feelings through music.

"The Longest Journey Begins With a Small Step"

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