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Can Jam 2019

Island Beats attended the very first CanJam Festival on August 5, 2017 at Lakeside Park. In terms of inclusion for everyone including...

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Can Jam 2019

Island Beats attended the very first CanJam Festival on August 5, 2017 at Lakeside Park.

In terms of inclusion for everyone including performance activities for the children CanJam came second to none.

We ran into Toronto reggae icons such as Kaffinal, Lazah Current, Donna Makeda, Carrie Mullings as host, Keithy Ranks, Fada Price and many more.

Although it was newly launched you could sense that the CanJam annual festival would be a festival to be remembered and attended for years to come.

We also met up with the man behind the scenes Bigga Boss this year on August 5th, 2019 we hope to have the massive join us for more activities, more fun, more family inclusion, more additions to CanJam a celebration of the Jamaican life in Canada.

For more information or how to inquire on being a part of Canjam visit:

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Island Beats Interview With UK Emerging Artist SK aka Seek Knowledge In Jamaica 2019

It was an intriguing encounter for DJ Bubbles CEO of Island Beats to meet up with the King of High Rise Empire SK aka Seek Knowledge in Runaway, Jamaica.

SK has an edge over the conventional reggae artist, as he can relate to the reggae scene both in the UK and Jamaica.

Many Jamaicans migrated to the UK and it was the original founders that left the island of Jamaica to build and establish the Jamaican culture abroad to pave the way for the generations to come so that they have a taste of their Jamaican culture.

Please enjoy this informative interview with DJ Bubbles and SK on the bright and sunny island of Jamaica and sample SK's track "Mama."

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Island Beats Introduces The island Reggae Riddim A Goldmine Production 2019

Island Beats is pleased to introduce to all roots and reggae lovers the Island Reggae Riddim produced by Goldmine Productions. 

The Riddim features Nature Ellis, Solution Reid, Kenne Blessin, and, Mr. Bertus.

The tracks are all clean and conscious fulljoy the track for your own copies link Goldmine Productions on: 876-417-4965

Island Beats Interview With Mark Tenn Inside Papa Jaro's Studio In Jamaica 2019

Island Beats Magazine had the honor to interview with Mark Tenn inside Papa Jaro's studio. We learned so much in regards to how songs were recorded and the difference between studio's with modern technology versus the olden days.

Mark Tenn himself has worked with key players such as Buju Banton and many more. Mark Tenn the multi talented plus reggae artist and dub specialist is definitely a huge contribution to the reggae industry.

Please enjoy our LIVE interview in Jamaica with Mark Tenn.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Canada Based Jamaican Born Lazah Current Inside The Jamaica Observer On His Collaboration With Luciano "Power To The People"

Canada-based reggae artiste Lazah Current recently collaborated with Luciano on the song Power to The People, released by his Lazah Records.

For the Juno-recognised singer (he was nominated in the Best Reggae Recording category in 1999 for the song Glorious Ride), this is his first release in several months.
“I have to big up my brother Luciano and thank him for collaborating with me on this project. The feedback it has been receiving from radio stations has been tremendous,” he said.
The Spaldings, Manchester-born artiste is also gearing up to release another single, Fist Fight, produced by the Warrior Love Band.

Lazah Current, who was born Hal Duggan, migrated to Toronto in the 1970s and joined roots-reggae group Messenjah in 1980. 

They became the first Canadian reggae band signed to a major label when they inked with Warner Music Canada.

Lazah Current is known for songs such as Betta Tomorrow, Cry Me and Life Is.

— Kevin Jackson

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Island Beats Interview With Emerging Conscious Stratus Gordon Jamaica 2019

It was not only a pleasure but also a delight when DJ Bubbles of Island Beats met with Stratus Gordon in Jamaica to conduct an in depth interview.

We learned so much from Stratus and about Stratus as well. 

A very determined artist not only on the mic however artistically as well.

We were able to gain an inside look on the life of an emerging artist and after you take a listen to our interview with Stratus we are quite sure that you will learn something or two about the journey of the upcoming artists in Jamaica and abroad.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Stages Jamaica Press Release May 31, 2019

Stages Canada opened its stage in Canada for the first time in 2015 when Carrie Mullings of Rebel Vibez on 105 Vibe FM created a platform for artists to gain further exposure outside of airplay and the conventional stage shows and festivals.

Island Beats had a brief word with Carrie Mullings who shared that she carried that innovision to Jamaica which launched on January 26, 2019 as she wanted to bridge the gap and also requests from the artist who recognized that the Jamaican artist as well needed the exposure just like the reggae artists in Canada who were mainly of Jamaican descent.

Stay tuned for May 31, 2019 in Ochi Rios Jamaica for Stages Jamaica number two.

Artists it is not too late to submit your bio and your music for a chance to qualify to tour with Stages Jamaica and expose your talent.

Send your email to: tour@stagescanada.ca

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