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Ambushed At The Grocery Store In Toronto

                          Dante Newman My Son With His Teacher At Graduation From Bendale 2017 On November 15, 2018 my son Dant...

Friday, 16 November 2018

Ambushed At The Grocery Store In Toronto

                          Dante Newman My Son With His Teacher At Graduation From Bendale 2017
On November 15, 2018 my son Dante Newman went to our local grocery store at Freshco located at 561 Sherbourne Street and on his way out the grocery store he was ambushed by the Toronto Police 51 Division.

The police physically threw him on the floor and pressed his knees into his back handcuffed him to a point where he lost circulation in his fingers causing his wrists to be bruised and sore.

As well the trauma that he endured and the emotional effect this terrible ambush has caused my son has left him in a deep depression and a fear to go outside.

The police literally pushed a gun in his face which is the root of his fear and accused him of being a suspect in a homicide investigation.

My son Dante recently graduated from high school and is inspiring to become a welder and has taken courses at George Brown to go towards graduating as a welder just like his grandfather.

Dante works the night shifts at McDonald's at 345 Bloor Street East and as well works during the days at the Pickle Barrel at Yonge and Eglinton.

Dante has never been in trouble with the law and received an award from the Outward Bound Canada Program for his contribution to his school and his community.

As well he completed a summer job placement program through Tropicana where he worked at the Toyota located on Eglinton Ave East.

When he attended Highland Heights Public school in Scarborough he was chosen out of all the students at his school to attend the Tim Horton's summer camp because of his kind and gentle nature.

I have spoken with his manager Anton Borrila at McDonald's (416-967-1081) and have shared with him Dante's traumatic experience on November 15, 2018 and he is willing to provide a written and a verbal character witness for my son as Dante has been a well loved employee at the restaurant for three years.

Dante was also an Air Cadet at 631 Sentinel and was promoted to Corporal as well in 2013.

My son did not deserve to be randomly humiliated and assaulted in the grocery store that we attend and to have a gun brutally into his face because he looked like a murder suspect.

The 51 division did not respect us when we called to lodge a complaint at their wrong doings and literally laughed at us and disconnected the call.
The Freshco grocery store is refusing to allow us to obtain the video footage of this whole incident that took place in the store.

We are seeking counselling as he is extremely shaken up by the trauma that the Toronto police force unleashed upon him yesterday..

Due to his character and ambitious nature there are many in the community who are extremely concerned not only for my son's safety however for how easily it was for a weapon to be drawn on someone who abides wholeheartedly by the law and is a shining light in his community and loved by many around him.

Had my son reacted in a different way on November 15, 2018 the outcome could have been volatile in which I am grateful for however my son has to go through the healing process simply because he supposedly resembled a murder suspect.

I have been writing to the mayor of Toronto Mr. John Tory, I have tried to contact the Chief of Police Mr. Saunders however they fail to return my messages that I have been sending.

So often people remain silent when they are abused by those who are in authority to protect and to serve. The first reason being that no one will listen, and the second for fear of the same action being repeated.

My son is a good young man who has made me proud since the day that he was born most describe him as a light in the community, his teachers describe him as a pleasure and have went above and beyond to plan his future.

Recently this year he went through the trauma of losing his father to stage four lung cancer and was starting to come to terms with his death.

I am hoping that this story will not go on deaf ears am not saying that had my son been a young person who has encounters with the law the tragedy that befell him would have been deserved am sending a message that violence can not eradicate violence and that every citizen has a right to be dealt with as a human being and not a wild animal.

While this story will eventually fade out the emotional scars that were rendered to my son will remain and it will be a long road to recovery.

Dante is definitely not the same young man that he was when he left home on November 15, 2018 to buy juice and enjoy a chocolate bar.

My name is Vanessa St Louis and I live in downtown Toronto my phone number is 437 991 8367 and I am speaking for my son and serving as the voice for the voiceless.

Vanessa St Louis.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Gerdine Graham Foundation Leukemia Awareness

Earlier this year in February of 2018 Island Beats attended the 4th annual Leukemia fundraising event that was presented by Marcia A. Tulloch and her wonderful husband Delroy Graham.

Marcia Tulloch herself is a survivor of Leukemia however not everyone is as blessed as Marcia to live to testify how blood donation can save lives.

We were able to speak with Delroy Graham who lost his sister to Leukemia which affects the black community more so than any other community.

Leukemia is a malignant progressive disease in which the bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal leukocytes. These suppress the production of normal blood cells, leading to anemia and other symptoms. 

In 2017 2, 900 People died from leukemia in Canada alone according to the Canadian Cancer Society.

In many cases once the search begins for a blood match it is by then too late and many cases end up in mortality.

The key to preventing death is in registering blood in the blood bank so that children, youth's and adults who need the transplant are able to be saved immediately.

Often times we hear the world "Leukemia" however are unaware at how quickly a life can be lost if not treated with stem cells and blood donation.

In the case of Laura Hillier who died at the young age of 18 awaiting a stem cell transplant whose dying wish was not to let her death be in vain

Laura Hillier was seen in the Toronto Star news paper pleading for help in order to live however due to lack of a match and limited resources she sadly did not make it.

Although leukemia is more predominant in black communities it is a disease that holds no barriers.

This 2019 at the 5th annual Gerdine Graham Foundation Leukemia awareness fundraiser we hope to see more people come out to actually learn more about the disease and how we can donate our blood and stem cells to saving more lives.

At the 2018 fundraiser we heard live testimony from those who survived and from those who lost a loved one to the disease and the urgency of donating blood and stem cells.

To lean more about how you can donate to Canadian Blood Services you can log on to:

This year we are hoping to see more people come out to become educated on this horrible disease called Leukemia and how to save more lives not just in one community however in ALL communities.

You can also visit the Gerdine Graham Foundation web site for more information on the foundation.

Although Delroy lost his beautiful sister to Leukemia he dedicates his time and efforts to increase awareness to let people know that they can do more than simply sympathize they can be a part of saving a life or even lives for that matter.

In 2012, Gerdine Graham, then 33 years old, was diagnosed with and received ongoing treatment for Leukemia.  She received remarkable care and support from the Doctors and staff at the hospitals where she received treatment.  As her condition worsened, the encouragement received by her family was remarkable and appreciated. He family acknowledge the hospital staff did the very best they could with the limited resources they had.  Regrettably, on October 23, 2014, at the age of 35, Gerdine succumbed to her ailment. Her older brother Delroy was very devastated at her loss. He had migrated to Canada when she was young, and had lost the opportunity of seeing her grow up.  In acknowledging the fact that our black community has been experiencing the loss of loved ones to varying cancers, he decided to honor her memory.  With the support of his partner Marcia A. Tulloch The Gerdine Graham Foundation was birthed in honor of her memory.

This upcoming 2019 the aim is to write more stories than survival than of loss due to Leukemia. For more information or being a part of this awareness please feel free to call: 647-971-6656.

Last year the support from the community that attended was amazing this year we hope that more members of the community will come and support and become educated on prevention which as they say is better than the cure.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Island Beats Inside Leggy's Annual Eat Till Yuh Belly Full Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss 20181

It was no regrets for Island Beats to attend the annual "Eat Till Yuh Belly Full Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss" fund raising event October 27, 2018.

Island Beats had the pleasure to meet Leggy the Chief Chef of Leggy's Catering Plus in Toronto who literally wears his heart on his sleeve.

A very kind soul in nature who dedicates his life to giving back to those in need on every level. 

In combination with his lovely and humbled wife Caron it is no wonder that the Jamaican Canadian Association was filled from wall to wall to enjoy a clean fun and enjoyable night with part of the proceeds from the event going  to the children in Jamaica at the James Hill Early Childhood Development in Clarendon Jamaica.

The Jamaican Association looked like a place from Alice In Wonderland with the magical decorations of the tables and the flashing lights it was like stepping into a fairy tale world.

The whole theme set off the aura of elegance and not to mention the tables that set up buffet style.

You could smell the different spices and herbs that were infused together to serve the masses with some delicious goat, cow foot, and, stew chicken and not to mention the vegetarian menu.

The wonderful aspect about dinner is that the serving went hassle free in an organized fashion and the servers and table patrons were so friendly and courteous that it made each and everyone feel like VIP.

We were serenaded by DJ Cory and his classic yet sizzling tracks and it was wonderful to see Rosie Rose from Rosie Rose promotions who looked stunning as usual.

Also attending was Ms. Elaine Robinson of G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories, Kadeane Martin-Browne from the No Woman No Cry movement, and of Toronto's top spoken word guru's Janelle Monique.
There were several door prizes and everyone in the room was anxious for the draw for the 49 inch TV that was raffling out.

At the back of the JCA (Jamaican Canadian Association) it was so nice to take professional photos that were printed for you in a wonderful frame by Digital Photo and the camera man Billy was as gentle as a dove it was a load of fun.

The performances started out with Canada's comedy king Jay Martin who gave a sorrowful rendition of his bully beef poem and shared with us his bully beef key that he keeps on him at all times.

Followed was Verley Lewis who had the audience in stitches with his Immi....... mishap that had him in Montreal instantly.

Miss Theresa "Pinky" Baker stole the show with her pink wig and her segment on the females being attracted to male thugs it was all about fun and laughter.

Island Beats was also able to interview with Pinky afterwards back stage where she shared with us her upcoming play called "The Head Girl" taking place on November 11, 2018 inside the JCA as well.

Christopher "Johnny" Daley as well interviewed with Island Beats and the same hilarious trend that he sets off on stage is the same hilarious aura that he brings about him.

We then enjoyed Tony Anthony one of Toronto's reggae icons performed and mesmerized the crowd with his track "Today Am Gonna Change The World" Island Beats also was brought up to speed in terms of his career in a short interview and was happy to receive a copy of his EP that was just recently released called "Why I Love You."

The final act on stage was actually Johnny Daley and then DJ Corey took control of the crowd and blazed songs that had even the elderly showing what they got metaphorically speaking.

Althought the inside of JCA was on fire Mother Nature decided to clash the warmth inside and sent down some rain and wet snow for us so Leggy had soup to protect us from the cold.

The whole event was clean and suitable even for children to attend.

From the moment you entered the JCA it was not a wham bam thank you ma'm type of feeling after you purchased your ticket the young gentlemen including Leggy's son's were so attentive and friendly they helped you find a place to be seated and smiled all through the event.

It's no wonder why the Eat Till Yuh Belly Full Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss has blossomed into an annual event a night of fun, laughter, good food, amazing music among wonderful people it is something to look forward to through out the year.

Island Beats was honored to be a part of such a unique and beautiful initiative to give hope to the children in Jamaica and also to just lay your troubles at the door and remember that life is sweet and in meeting individuals such as Leggy and his beautiful wife Caron help us to remember why each day of life is truly a gift.

We hope to see you all there next year where you can Eat Till Yuh Belly Full then Laugh Till Yuh Belly Buss.

Island Beats gives this event not a 5 star rating but 10 gold stars.

For more information on how you can be a part of creating a brighter day for the children in Jamaica you can log on to Shady Tree at:

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

November 17 2018 Get Ready For A Gospel Explosion With Sophia Sinclair-Campbell

Gussie Clarke Dub Anthology 2018 Complimentary From Riddim Strem

Legendary Jamaican Reggae Record Producer Augustus "Gussie" Clarke has been credited as one of the top Jamaican Music producers of all time. In 1972 the 18 year old launched his record producing career with his first single "The Higher The Mountain" by the legendary deejay Daddy U-Roy and later established record labels such as "Gussie", "Gussie & Puppy", "Music Works" & "Anchor." Through the 1970s & early 1990s Gussie moved on to producing most of the greatest reggae artists of all time including:

Delroy Wilson
Dennis Brown
Leroy Sibbles
Leroy Smart
The Tamlins
Freddie McGregor
Maxie Priest
Shabba Ranks
The Mighty Diamonds
Gregory Isaacs
JC Lodge
Deborah Glasgow
Beres Hammond
Lady G
Augustus Pablo
I Roy
Daddy Roy
Big Youth
Ini Kamoze

The above artists are just to name a few. Gussie also produces classics such as:

Big Youth- Screaming Target
Dennis Brown- To The Foundation
The Mighty Diamonds- Pass the Kouche
Gregory Isaacs- Rumours
JC Lodge- Telephone Love
Krystal & Shabba Ranks- Twice my age
Shabba Ranks- Mr Lover Man
Maxi Priest- Just a little longer

Gussie operates the largest recording facility in Jamaica, Anchor/Music Works Studios, and has returned to music production with new innovations while embodying integrity, perseverance, wisdom and professionalism.

This collector's edition box set includes four discs. The box set contains 3 CDs as well as a DVD with a copy of the film "Dub Talks." "Dub Anthology has over 81 original dubs from Gussie Clarke's productions which were recorded in many historic recording studios in Jamaica in the 70s, 80s, and 90s with some of the greatest studio engineers, musicians, and recording artists who have worked with Gussie Clarke. 

The "Dub Talks' DVD is a riveting and personal conversation with original key players of Jamaican Dub; including the recording and mixing engineers, sound system operators who contributed to the innovation and development of Dub music. The discussion is moderated by Mutubaruka and Professor Carolyn Cooper. "Dub Anthology" is available on all major digital platforms. Physical copies are available on CD Baby.

Singer J's Birthday Tour November 2018

Duane Stephenson Arriving In Canada November 4, 2018

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