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Rastafest Media Release 2019

Rastafest Reggae Festival – Saturday, August 17 th , 2019 2019 marks the 26 th anniversary of Rastafest Reggae Festival in Toronto,...

Monday, 15 July 2019

Rastafest Media Release 2019

Rastafest Reggae Festival – Saturday, August 17th, 2019
2019 marks the 26th anniversary of Rastafest Reggae Festival in Toronto, an annual music festival celebrating the national and international initiatives of the Rastafari movement in Canada and Jamaica!
This year’s festival takes place at the north property of Black Creek Pioneer Village, 7060 Jane Street, (North West corner of Jane Street & Steeles Avenue west) on Saturday, August 17th, 2019 in recognition of Marcus Garvey’s birthday. Rastafest is a family fun, reggae event showcasing different aspects of the Rastafari history, culture and lifestyle.
The festival kicks off on Thursday, August 15th, with a launch party at Black Creek Health Centre at Yorkgate Mall from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. On Saturday, August 17th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm there will be Empress Walk leaving from Driftwood community centre, stopping at Black Creek Farm and ending up at the festival grounds. From 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm there will be a Ital Village consisting of ital food demonstration, Organja Market place, health and wellness workshops, reggae music discussions, arts and craft market place followed by an international reggae concert from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm featuring the legendary Mighty Diamonds, Johnny Clarke, Horace Martin, Nana McLean, Carol Brown, Sampalue, Michie Mee, the Mighty Mystics, Jade Faith and Amazing Papa G. Music by: Jah Alone – Celebrity Sound with Scion Success from New York and DJ Boxer Joe. MC. Queen Mother Moses from Atlanta.
Donation: Children 12 and under are free; online - $20:00 and $30:00 at the door.
Rastafest is sponsored by Masani Productions, Snapd, First Friday, Upfront Theatre Foundation, and Eglinton TV.
For more details please log onto - www.rastafest.com or email info@rastafest.com
Media Contact:  416-638-4235 or email info@rastafest.com.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Island Beats Magazine Recap Of Sumfest 2018

Island Beats Magazine was honored to cover the Reggae Sumfest Festival in Jamaica last year 2018.

DJ Bubbles went to represent Island Beats and had a wonderful experience picking up our media passes.

The Sumfest team was wonderful and very well organized and professional with our media pass we received a gift bag with Blue Mountain coffee, tea, and other little treasured momentums.

Island Beats had the most wonderful stay at The Hotel Gloriana in which if anyone is travelling outside of Jamaica we strongly recommend making the Hotel Gloriana your first choice. 

We also met with Gloria Minto from the well known Jamaican movie Glory to Gloriana.

The reggae vibes inside the festival was second to none we met with Nyerere from the Warrior Love Band, Spice who recognized us from the stage show with Popcaan, we also had a small chat with Stone Bwoy who made his way all the way from Ghana to the stage at Sumfest.
For the first time we met the team from Suncity 104.9 FM and had an exclusive interview with Sunflower as well.

It was wonderful to also connect with Blak Diamon from the UIM camp.

This year Island Beats will be covering the festival as well.

For those travelling from outside of the island for Sumfest Island Beats recommends for lodging:

The Hotel Gloriana: (876) 979-0698

Caribbean Clarke's House (876) 396-8106

For Transportation or Safe and Affordable Shuttle Rides To and From The Airport:

Nicholas; (876) 779-9710

Delly: (876) 495-0210

Raza: (876) 349-3326

For more information on how to purchase your tickets for Sumfest 2019 visit:

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Jah Vinci's Fish Fry Jamaica June 7, 2019

On June 7, 2019 DJ Bubbles of Island Beats accompanied by Jamaica's Selector Lion Paw attended Jah Vinci's Fish Fry in New Kingston at one of New Kingston's top sea food restaurants Pinyata's. The atmosphere was a combination of simple yet amazing.

The moment that we entered the outdoor setting we saw some familiar faces such as Navino, Bugle, Anju Blaxx, Blak Diamon, and we met a new musical friend Ras Ash.

Jah Vinci was an amazing host as he mingled with the crowd and did not think twice to meet and greet and check up on his patrons just to make sure that everyone was not only having a good time also to make sure that no one felt non attended to.

The fish soup was spicy yet scrumptious and was free on the house as well.

It was a pleasure to have a chat with Navino who just recently released his new track "Prosper" on the Prosperous Riddim this May of 2019.

Island Beats was also privileged to get a preview of UIM's not yet released riddim called the Morphosis Riddim featuring artists such as Blak Diamon, Bugle, and many more the release date on all digital platforms is set for June 14, 2019.

We also were lyrically blown away by Kurt D Flurt who can select like out of this world with his unique line up and the most amazing twist to Kurt D Flurt is that he himself is a hidden musical treasure.

At this very moment DJ Bubbles still has his track "Never Have It" on repeat.

It was a wonderful vibe and friendly atmosphere and it was great to see the artists supporting each others cause by networking on behalf of each other.

Many say that Jamaica has lost its love due to the rise in crime and the ongoing economical crisis.

Island Beats believes that if anything that we have learned on our extended musical journey here in Jamaica that love is every where because it is the ingredient in which keeps life alive.

For an example how Kurt D Flurt left his DJ post to buy DJ Bubbles a cold bottle of water, or the warm reception from UIM's Anju Blaxx and Blak Diamon, Navino who hailed Island Beats, and Ras Ash who was polite and courteous.

Although the great big Apolo is situated in the United States of America hands down Jamaica is known to have the most musical talent in the world and no matter the struggle there is not one Jamaican who does not shuffle their feet to the beat of sweet reggae music.

Jah Vinci hosts his Fish Fry's each and every Friday located at 9A Chelsea Avenue and the beauty of it is that it is FREE to attend.

If you are in the New Kingston area Island Beats strongly recommends checking out Jah Vinci's Fish Fry on a Friday evening in Jamaica.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Can Jam 2019

Island Beats attended the very first CanJam Festival on August 5, 2017 at Lakeside Park.

In terms of inclusion for everyone including performance activities for the children CanJam came second to none.

We ran into Toronto reggae icons such as Kaffinal, Lazah Current, Donna Makeda, Carrie Mullings as host, Keithy Ranks, Fada Price and many more.

Although it was newly launched you could sense that the CanJam annual festival would be a festival to be remembered and attended for years to come.

We also met up with the man behind the scenes Bigga Boss this year on August 5th, 2019 we hope to have the massive join us for more activities, more fun, more family inclusion, more additions to CanJam a celebration of the Jamaican life in Canada.

For more information or how to inquire on being a part of Canjam visit:

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